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The latest K-fit innovation combines an Electric Muscle Stimulator with responsive Biofeedback games. Together, these two modalities offer the most impactful kegel workouts possible.

Working out for graceful aging.



Men need to work their pelvic floor too.



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Join the K-fit Revolution and Take Back Beautiful!

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I created the K-fit Kegel brand after years of searching for a similar product and coming up short. I'm sure that you were hitting the same road blocks too: Ben Wa balls or overpriced stimulators that had to be shipped from the UK, medications with ghastly side-effect, or bulky panty liners. Not to mention the snake oil promising to tighten as it lubricates. Yeah....right.


I knew from my research that millions of other women suffer from loss of tone due to childbirth and regular aging, and they're seeking help to regain their youthful shape just like me, but the options are depressingly few. Until recently the only ads on TV were strictly to help with urinary incontinence, like giant diapers modeled by elderly women, as though that were the only option for us as we age. But in the UK, toning devices are regularly prescribed by physicians. There doesn't appear to be a stigma associated with admitting you've lost tone for those living there, whereas in America not even comedians dare to breach the iron curtain we've clamped down over the discussion of vaginal size. We regularly joke about the size of a man's penis, but mention the words "loose" and "vagina" in the same sentence and the shocked gasps will suck the air from the room. It just isn't done.


Until I had my first baby I felt pretty secure in the size of my vagina. I did Kegels every day, worked out in general, and enjoyed the many benefits of being single and owning all of my time. Fast-forward to two kids later and the distance from where I was to where I am is deflating. I tried to do Kegels during both pregnancies, and after to recover, but they don't feel the same once you've had children, plus during the time when you're healing and everything is really sore, the last thing you want to do is squeeze anything down there. So the distance widened, figuratively and literally. How could I get back to where I was? How do any of us reclaim that confidence when we can't even talk about the problem?


The good news is that I did find the perfect way to fit an intense workout routine into even a busy mom's daily schedule. One that gives amazing results fast. I'm so excited to bring this product to all the women out there that are on the same journey as me. I promise that there is no better way to regain your self-esteem and desire like the knowledge that you are tight and controlled again, maybe even more so than you ever were before. Welcome back laughter and jogging. Welcome back pretty panties. Welcome back to that look in your partner's eyes and to orgasms that rock both of your worlds.


Welcome to K-fit Kegel Toner.

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