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K-fit is a battery operated automatic kegel device that tightens and tones the pelvic floor muscles effortlessly. Anytime. Anywhere! For women suffereing from incontincence, who have lost tone, or want to take it to another level, the K-fit provides an excellent workout with fast and amazing results. K-fit doesn't require concentration to activate your muscles the way a regular kegel does, just clip it to your belt and get on with your day! FDA registered for the treatment of incontinence in women, our unit is designed to help you perform your kegel routine effectively and for the optimum length of time. Whether you're battling the disruption of age related pelvic floor weakening or the struggle of regaining tone after childbirth, K-fit can work for you.


Using the K-fit Kegel Toner to exercise your pelvic floor can...


  • Reduce or eliminate urinary and fecal incontincence.

  • Increase sexual satisfaction.

  • Regain lost vaginal tone, or bring your tone to the next level.

  • Help strengthen muscles that are difficult to isolate in the pelvic floor.

  • Improve pelvic muscle strength and blood supply.



What does it feel like...?

If you have never used a pelvic stimulator or other electric exerciser device before, you may be a little apprehensive. That’s perfectly understandable, but once you try K-fit for the first time you will immediately realize that your fears were unfounded. The probes are designed for comfort and while you will feel the effects of the electrical pulses as a tightening, and sometimes ticking sensation, they will not cause you any discomfort. It is NOT like being shocked.

If you follow the instructions in the user guide as well as our user sourced Quick Start manual you will find that K-fit is a safe and effective method of working out your pelvic floor. After inserting your probe and selecting the settings that best suit your needs, your workout will begin. As you exercise, you will feel your muscles pull up, tighten, and then relax again. Over time, this strengthens the muscles and nerve fibers, giving you greater muscle control and improving tone and tightness.

Please do not use K-fit if you are pregnant. Please wait until your 6 week postpartum checkup to begin your workouts.

Please do not use K-fit if you have an Implanted Electrical Device, such as an insulin pump or cardiac pacemaker.

Note that metal IUD’s and pessaries are perfectly safe to use with K-fit.

K-fit kit

The K-fit Kegel Toner for Women is a battery powered electric stimulator designed to exercise the pelvic floor. It can be used while standing up or lying down. 8 programs come pre-set on your toning unit along with a test program that will run through all 8 programs so that you can decide which one feels best for you.

K-fit box

Our complete kit for Women comes with a Toning Unit and Battery, one Extended Probe with a universal design that can be used vaginally or rectally as needed, two Long Wires for connecting your probe, a User Guide and Quick Start Manual that includes information on how to assess the issue you are experiencing and choose the right program for treatment, a Gift Box and Storage Bag.

K-fit Toner

Your new K-fit Kegel Toner for Women arrives in a beautiful gift box. Included with your purchase is unlimited customer support from our team of experts, who are users themselves! Please feel free to access this invaluable resource should you ever need guidance on your toning journey.

You can use the K-fit Kegel Toner for Women while standing at the sink and doing other regular chores. Our toning unit has a belt clip for mobility. Because it is completely silent, it can be used very discreetly. Though it is not water-proof and cannot be used in the shower, it is perfectly safe to use while brushing your teeth and washing your face. In fact, people who are able to integrate their K-fit workout into other established habits are more likely to use their toning unit consistently, which is the KEY to success!

Female at sink
woman using K-fit

K-fit can be used while resting in bed, both morning and night. Tone is built during rest, so make sure to space your workouts out rather than running them back to back, but integrating a workout into your morning and evening routine is a great way to accelerate your progress!

The K-fit Kegel Toner for Women now comes with our most popular probe, the Extended Probe. The versatile design of this probe allows it to be used vaginally or rectally as needed.

Couple K-fit
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