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  • Does it hurt to use the K-fit Kegel Toner?
    No, not at all. It feels like a smooth tampon and the stimulated contractions feel like a ticking sensation, and sometimes like a kegel when you are just contracting your muscles yourself.
  • How soon do you feel results?
    I felt a difference within a week of using it. Embarrassing as it is, before I started using K-fit I couldn't always hold my Super Plus tampons in and they'd slide out every once in a while. Now I'm toned and never have that problem. Everyone is different though. Age and weight and general tone will make a difference, just like going to the gym. Be consistent and you'll get there.
  • Is this like a vibrator? Does it give you an orgasm?
    No, not at all. There is no sexual sensation during the workout and the probe has no moving parts. The ticking you feel is the quick tightening and relaxing of your muscles as they work.
  • Can you walk around with the probe in?
    After my first week I had regained enough tone that I was able to go about my daily routine while working out. The contractions don't interfere with walking or regular activities at all.
  • What are the two long wires for?
    You will use one wire for each probe that you use. Probes are a dispoable component and should be replaced every 6-12 months. Hold on to your second wire to ensure you are able to attach a replacement probe to your unit once it is time to replace it. You can also purchase another set of accessory wires from our website under Accessories should you need them.
  • What's the best toning program for quick results?
    Every program works to tighten the pelvic floor, so you can't go wrong! Choose a program that feels best for you. Check the program descriptions in your user guide to find the program suggested for the symptoms you are experiencing.
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