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The latest K-fit innovation combines an Electric Muscle Stimulator with responsive Biofeedback games. Together, these two modalities offer the most impactful kegel workouts possible.


K-fit Kegel Toner Plus Biofeedback is the best option for customers searching for comprehensive pelvic floor training. No need for multiple devices or silicone eggs, K-fit is an all-in-one device that will stimulate, motivate and track your journey back to peak fitness and pelvic floor health. 

Please do not use K-fit if you are pregnant. Please wait until your 6 week postpartum checkup to begin your workouts.

Please do not use K-fit if you have an Implanted Electrical Device, such as an insulin pump or cardiac pacemaker.

Note that metal IUD’s and pessaries are perfectly safe to use with K-fit.


The K-fit Kegel Toner Plus Biofeedback is rechargeable with a full color LCD display. Each kit comes with everything you need to begin your toning journey; rechargeable toning unit, ergonomic probe, 8 electrode pads, connecting wires, charging cable and comprehensive user guide. (Note that your charging cable requires a USB adapter that is not included.)

Electric Muscle Stimulation or STIM is a fully automatic method of exercising your pelvic floor. Each STIM program on your K-fit unit is designed to activate the surrounding muscles automatically. No need for you to manually tighten your muscles because the toning unit does the work for you. K-fit Plus has 22 pre-set STIM programs designed to target your muscles in unique ways that will prevent plateaus and encourage continued muscle growth.


Biofeedback is a way to encourage your manual kegels using fun games and dynamic graphing. You will be able to track your progress over time and watch your daily improvements. Your K-fit Plus Biofeedback device comes pre-programed with 6 bright and simple games to encourage you to perform your manual kegels for the optimum duration. These games offer a fun challenge. Whether it’s leaping fish or flying birds, you’ll find an engaging visual to keep you on track to completing your workout.

Each K-fit Kegel Toner Plus Biofeedback comes with a user guide filled with clear images showing you exactly how to place your electrodes for each module from tests to games to STIM programs, ensuring you have a roadmap to success. And when you are traveling, your complete user guide is available online to read through any time.

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K-fit Plus also includes strength tests that will help you to benchmark your muscle tone and track how it increases over time. You will be able to set targets for yourself and utilize fast and slow muscle training.

K-fit Plus provides 3 open program slots to allow your physical therapist the ability to program a custom workout, just for you!

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Our US based company is solely staffed by US based customer support agents who are users themselves! Please feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions or need support. We stand by our products and warranty each one against manufacturing defects. If something goes wrong, we will replace it free of charge.

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