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Issues, Tips, Your Guide, and Programming

My toner unit won't turn on.


The battery included with your toner is wrapped in plastic to prevent accidental discharge during shipment, and is installed in your toner. Please remove the plastic and reinsert the battery. If your toner won't stay on, the battery terminal prongs may have become compressed due to the plastic covering over the battery during shipment. Please remove the battery and use the tip of a knife to bend the metal prongs out so that they make better contact with the battery when reinserted.


My toner won't raise above 10mAs.


To prevent the K-fit from being used without enough moisture for proper conductivity, your toner is designed to stop at 10mAs until the proper level of moisture is achieved. Remove your probe and add more water-based lubricant. Water can also be sprinkled over the lubricant to help it disperse more readily. It will not go above 10mA's if it does not sense skin as well. It will not activate through a rubber glove or condom, or while held in the air. The long connecting wire may not be fully inserted in the toning unit or probe, check these connection points. The probe connection must be fully pressed into the protective sleeve at the end of the long wire.  Press very firmly. Your long wire could be damaged, exchange the long wire you are using with the second long wire included in your kit. Your probe may also have reached its life expectancy and need to be replaced. The manufacturer suggests replacing your probe every 3-6 months, depending on use.


I can't feel anything.


You may have your toner set on the soft waveform. Press the button with wavy lines on it to set your toner to the strong waveform, the one with a square top and square bottom. If this doesn't help and your toner is able to be raised above 10mAs then it is possible that you have discovered an area of altered sensitivity. This is very common in women who have given birth. If you hold your probe in a wet hand and raise the mAs you will see the muscles of your hand contracting. This is happening inside you, though you may not be able to feel it. The K-fit is not designed to diagnose or treat medical issues, and it is not recommended for totally desensitized skin. If you have some sensation left it is recommended that you begin your workout on P11. This is a very mild program and will begin to awaken dormant nerves.


My K-fit hurts. 


First we need to determine where the pain is coming from. Some people with vulvodynia and vaginal atrophy after menopause may find that the muscle work K-fit stimulates is uncomfortable. Don't let this stop you! The benefit of using K-fit after menopause to strengthen the pelvic floor and return regular blood-flow to tissue is incredible. This sort of discomfort will not last long, with regular use you will begin seeing the benefit of healthy muscle work. You may also have discovered an area of altered sensation due to damage caused during childbirth. Using the K-fit on a lower setting for the first week of use will encourage normal nerve response. Please note that pain is the body's only way of communicating and it should not be ignored. Always talk to your doctor for advice.


Use plenty of lubricant and take note of the Hz each program works at. Some are as low as 2 on Program 11 and as high as 40 on Program 03. The K-fit is a workout tool and as with any workout it takes time and consistency to see results. Not a lot of time, but your best effort to use K-fit each day and work through any issues you encounter will ensure that your journey to a stronger pelvic floor is quick and fulfilling.

Why do I have two wires?

Your kit comes with two long wires for attaching probes and accessories to your toning unit. Our Female kit now includes a probe that attaches directly to the toning unit without the use of a long wire, but replacement female probes will still require a long wire to connect to your unit.

I've misplaced my User Guide.

Please click the button below to download a .pdf version of your User Guide.​

Will insurance cover the cost of my kit?

Many users have had success submitting claims to their insurance company for repayment of the cost of their kits. Often the insurer requires a declaration of usage, which is available for download below. The HCPCS code is A4335 (Incontinence Supply; Miscellaneous). If your insurer requires more information, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

Can I use while sitting? What if I fall asleep?


Yes, you can use you K-fit while sitting down as long as the seat doesn't put pressure on the wires. Sit with your weight to one side to ease pressure if you do not carry enough padding in your thighs and buttocks to lift the vaginal area away from the seat. A donut pillow may also assist with this.


It is also perfectly safe to fall asleep while using your K-fit, it will shut off automatically a few minutes after the program completes.

Can I use both channels simultaneously using an e-stim strap attachment?

You can definitely add e-stim straps to your workout along with the rectal probe, running both at once. They will run on the same program, only one program can be selected on your unit at a time, but the strength of each will be adjusted separately.

Achieving specific goals.


I’m a man using the anal toner. I’d like to work on three things: difficulty urinating caused by a weak bladder; erectile dysfunction; and most importantly difficulty achieving orgasm. Of the different programs which would be best to achieve these goals? The instructions tell you to rotate through all programs over a month, but I’d rather focus on using the program specifically targeted to what I’m trying to achieve.


Each program should be viewed like a different target zone. Compared to a full body workout, like one is for abs, one is for quads, one is for biceps, and so on. Each program works a different layer of muscle. For the most complete workout of the pelvic floor, it is really best to rotate through P01-P10 regularly. When you want to build muscle in your arms you don't target just the biceps. To get the best results you want to target groups of muscles, like biceps, triceps, and delts. There is no way to know which layer of muscle could be causing your issues, and it is most likely to be more than one. If you don't want to rotate through then I would suggest focusing on P01, P08, and P09. P01 is a continuous program and helps strengthen slow twitch muscle fibers, the ones responsible for holding a muscle contraction. P08 and P09 both have 5 phases which activate a wider range of the surrounding muscle tissue and are great for building deeper muscle tone.

How long do I need and how long does my husband need?

Though every person is different and may take more or less time to see results than another person, in general we recommend a 12 week program using your K-fit daily. After 12 weeks you can either continue a daily routine or scale back to a few times a week for maintenance. This suggestion is the same for men and women. The length of time you use it for will depend on your starting health and tone, and the condition you are treating. For the first 12 weeks I would suggest cycling through programs 1-10 at least a few times. If you are able to use your toner twice a day then you would do P01 in the morning then P02 at night. The next morning P03 and the next evening P04 and so on. Try to set each program to the strong waveform if you are comfortable doing so. Try to begin at around 30 mA's and try to increase that number weekly. Each program will be different, some you may be comfortable working at 60 mA's and others 25. The most important thing is consistent use and increasing the strength you work at regularly. Keep a journal to track the program you used and at what mA level. Note any issues of incontinence that you suffered, it can be hard to remember these things from week to week. After you have used each program 2-3 times you may decide to eliminate a few from your rotation. This is fine. Just remember that each program is stimulating a different layer of muscle and has different benefits. Try to use at least a few programs regularly rather than focusing on only one.

How often do I need to use it?

K-fit can be used twice and day, every day. You should aim for at least 5 days a week for the first twelve weeks. You can then choose to continue your workouts or scale back to a few times a week for maintenance.

What mA level should I be aiming for?

On a strong program like P04, you will receive good toning benefits at about 30 mA’s. Each program will feel different so expect to be comfortable at different levels with each one. Don’t try to go too high too soon, it may take time to build up to stronger work. You can increase the mA’s a little bit weekly to continue gaining tone. Some women are comfortable using their toner at 99 mA's. It is perfectly safe to do so, but you may notice some cramping or soreness after such a strong workout. Use Program 11, our Rest and Recovery program, as needed.

How deep should I be inserting the probe?

The short answer is to insert as deep or as shallow as you are comfortable working at. Everyone's body is different so there is no one "right" depth to insert to. In general, the vaginal probe should be inserted to a depth that entirely covers the conductive panels and also keeps the base and wires outside the vaginal canal. The panels can be spun in any direction, but we advise starting with them facing hip to hip. The rectal probe should be inserted as deeply as you are comfortable working. The puborectalis muscle slings around the rectum between 1"-2" from the anal opening. Just above this muscle the rectum bends sharply. You will feel discomfort if the tip of the probe touches this bend. It can also feel uncomfortable if the conductive rings are too close to the anal opening, as this area is filled with sense and pain receptors. To find the proper depth you should adjust the flange at the base of the probe to its maximum distance. Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant and insert your probe. Before you begin your program focus on whether you feel discomfort from the tip of the probe. This will be a different sensation than stimulation produced when you probe is activated. When your toner is off you should not experience any discomfort. If you do then you will need to adjust the base of the probe a few clicks down toward the tip of the probe. Keep adjusting until you no longer feel your probe pressing on the bend of your rectum. Note that some programs may cause the probe to be drawn inward. 

My K-fit workouts don't feel like my regular kegels.


Your pelvic floor is very difficult to isolate manually. When we attempt to perform a kegel on our own, we often tighten the belly and the external perineum area as well as any other structures in the lower abdomen that we can consciously contract. The K-fit targets the pelvic floor alone, so it will feel different than a manual kegel. If you wish to target the perineum and external rectal area then you can always use the contractions produced by your probe as a guide to when you should attempt to contract and hold these muscles, but this isn't necessary for the deep muscles of the pelvic floor.


The program you choose will also determine how your workout feels. Each pre-set program is designed to target a different layer of muscles in the pelvic floor basket. It is best to cycle through all of them, at least a few times, before narrowing down to several favorites. Again, this is where journaling is so helpful. There is no one best "strongest" program that will work for everyone. You will need to try them all to find the ones that work best for you. Try the strong waveform when possible, and aim to reach around 30 mA's on most programs which is where you will begin getting real toning benefits. We encourage you to follow your comfort level and adjust the mA's as high or as low as your body allows. With time and consistency you will be able to increase the mA's and continue making progress. Most people will require a conditioning period as they build up tolerance for the stimulation. Don't push too high too fast when your goal is long term benefit and fitness.

How to begin

1. Remove the plastic from the battery installed in the back of your device. Reinstall the battery if it comes out during removal.


2. Two long wires are included in your kit to attach probes and electrode patches to your toner. These wires will be used for all replacement probes in the future, so keep them in a safe place. The original vaginal probe included in the Female kit plugs directly into the unit without a long wire. Plug the Female probe wire into the left hand hole in the top of your toning unit. For the Men's kit, plug one long wire into the hole on the right. Plug the other two ends of the wire into the probe you will be using. Press firmly to ensure the plugs are well seated in the waterproof sleeves. The second long wire can be used with a second, optional probe or stored for later use. If you have purchased a second probe and wish to use both at the same time then you will plug this probe in and follow the instructions outlined for both probes. You will adjust the mA's of each probe by pressing the +\- key positioned on the side that the probe is plugged into. The second set is only for a second probe.


3. Put a generous amount of water-based lubricant on the end of the probe, find a comfortable position and insert the probe. For the vaginal probe; insert until the ridge at the base of the probe is flush with the vaginal opening. Don't worry if it slips deeper, just be careful when removing to grasp the probe itself and not put undue pressure on the wires by pulling on them. For the rectal probe; adjust the flange at the base of the probe to its farthest position away from the probe tip. Insert as deeply as possible. If you feel discomfort from the probe tip pressing on the bend of the rectum then pull out slightly and adjust the flange closer to the tip to prevent the probe from touching this sensitive area. The deeper your probe is away from the sensitive nerves near the anus, the more comfortable the work will be. Spin the flange to lock into place.



4. Turn your device on by pressing the button with the circle printed on it. It is the top button in the group of four at the center of your device. Do not turn the toning unit on until the probe is inserted fully. You cannot test the probe in your dry hand or by touching one of the electrode panels. Both panels must be in full contact with skin to transmit energy. 


5. Press the P button to cycle through the different preset programs. Many first time users will start with P08 which provides a more complete workout as it cycles through 5 different settings. Please feel free to try the other programs until you find the one that works best for you. You can also start at P01 and cycle through every program over the first week: P01 the first morning, P02 the first evening, P03 the 2nd morning, and so on. This will help to condition your muscles as well as show you which programs work best for you. Try keeping a journal of your experience so that you can track your progress as well as your feelings about each program.


6. The S button is used to program your own routine, this is an advanced option and instructions for its use are included in your user guide. Slots PC1, PC2, and PC3 are intended for this use. 


7. The metal contacts on the vaginal probe should be inserted facing hip to hip. You may spin the probe during your workout to find the most comfortable and effective position for you. We all have different scars and folds in our anatomy; keep adjusting your probe to find your best points of contact. The metal contacts on the rectal probe should be centered between the external and internal sphincter. If they are too close to the rectal opening you may feel discomfort during your program because there are more nerves in this area. Adjust the probe deeper to compensate.


8. Once the probe is inserted and your program is selected, you may change the waveform of the pulse. This is done using the bottom button in the circle of four at the center of your device. There are two wavy lines on it. It is automatically set on the softer form. Press the button to toggle between the soft and strong waveform. The strong waveform is for average users and the soft waveform is for users who are very sensitive or have scarring with heightened sensation. The soft waveform has a square top and checkmark bottom. The strong waveform has a square top and square bottom.


9. Press the (+) button on the side that you have plugged your probe into to begin your workout. Keep pressing the + button until you reach a comfortable level of stimulation. You must raise the mA’s above 10 to exit the unit’s test phase. If you do not raise the mA’s above 10, your toning unit may shut off after 5 minutes. Most users will begin to feel their muscles contracting at about 25, but everyone is different and each program is different as well. You can start higher or lower, wherever you are most comfortable. Your goal is to be at a minimum of 30 mA’s. This is where your muscles will usually be doing enough work to begin seeing real benefit. If at any time you feel the pulses are too strong simply press the (-) button and the strength will decrease. Please note that most programs operate on a work/rest cycle and will drop to 0 during the rest phase of the program. You can set your toner as high as 99 if you are comfortable doing so.


10. The stronger the pulse, the harder your muscles will work. The harder they work the stronger the muscles will become. This is true with any workout, from your arms to your legs to your pelvic floor.


11. Users who have had hysterectomies or have internal adhesions may find their first workout uncomfortable. Spinning the probe away from your scar can help. You should also use plenty of lubricant to ensure good conductivity and to prevent the current from "jumping the gap" or traveling from moisture through air to moisture again, which can cause a prickling sensation.


12.  If you find that you can't raise the mA's above 10 when pressing the (+) button, it may be because the probe is unable to sense enough moisture against the conductive plates or because it is not in contact with skin. Remove the probe and add more lubricant then reinsert and begin again. If this doesn't help, please ensure the long wire is fully seated in the toning unit and the probe wire is pressed firmly into the insulated connector. You may also exchange the long wire with the second one included in your kit as there may be a break in the original.


13. Oil based lubricants, such as coconut oil, will interfere with conductivity and may damage your probe. Only use water-based lubricants, such as KY Jelly. If at some point you find that your toner doesn't feel as strong as it used to be, your battery may need to be changed. Please replace with a fresh one.


14. Please note that all replacement probes are sold with a universal connector and will require the use of the long accessory wires included in your kit. Vaginal probes that connect directly to your toning unit are not sold separately. 

How to Design a Custom Program

Setting up the Customized Programs PC1, PC2, PC3

First, power on your device. If your device is on and in the middle of a workout, press the P button twice to return to the home screen.

  1. Press the P button until PC1, PC2, or PC3 is selected.

  2. Press and hold the S button for five seconds, the phase indicator arrow and Hz symbol will flash on and off. You can program up to 5 phases per workout. A phase is a segment of the workout, like interval training. You can set each phase at a different level to increase and decrease intensity throughout your workout. You can also set your program with a single phase.

  3. Press CH.B (+/-) to set the frequency between 2Hz and 100Hz. CH.B is the set of +/- keys on the right side of your toner.

  4. Press CH.A (+) the uS symbol will flash. CH.A is the set of +/- keys on the left side of your toner. Press CH.B (+/-) to set the pulse duration between 50 uS and 450 uS.

  5. Press CH.A (+) the MIN symbol will flash, press CH.B (+/-) to set the length of the phase time between 1 and 99 minutes. This is the length of a single phase or for the entirety of a single phase workout.

  6. Press CH.A (+) the WORK/REST or the CONT symbols will flash, press the CH.B (+/-) to select WORK / REST or CONT (continuous). If you choose Continuous press the P button to set for a single phase or press the S button to program the next phase and loop back to step 3. Move to step 7 if you program a phase with WORK/REST.

  7. Press CH.A (+) WK will appear and SEC will flash, press CH.B (+/-) to set the work seconds between 2 and 99 seconds. This is how long your muscles will contract for.

  8. Press CH.A (+) RT will appear and Rest will flash, press CH.B (+/-) set the rest seconds between 2 and 99 seconds. This is how long your muscles will rest for between contractions.

  9. Press CH.A (+) RP will appear and SEC will flash, press CH.B (+/-) to set the ramp seconds between 0.1 and 4.0 seconds. This is how long your toner will take to ramp up to the highest mA's that you will set during your workout.

  10. Press CH.A (+) AL or SY will appear and flash, press CH.B (+/-) to select alternating (AL) or synchronous (SY) current. Alternating will run both CH.A and CH.B one at a time, one after the other. Synchronous will run both CH.A and CH.B at the same time. This determines how current is applied when two probes or electrode patches are attached to the unit.

  11. Press CH.A (+) DL will appear and SEC will flash, press CH.B (+/-) to set the delay of Channel B starting between 0.0 and 4.0 seconds after Channel A.

  12. Press CH.A (+) the menu will now loop back to step 3 and Hz symbol will flash.

  13. To set the next phase, press the S button. The phase symbol will flash over the next phase, continue with step 3 to set this phase.

  14. When finished setting the phases, press the P button to save the settings and return to the home screen. The program will be saved permanently. Setting the phase time of phase 2,3,4, or 5 to zero will cause the program to end at that phase.


Following procedures 1 to 14 can reprogram a customized program.

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