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Issues, Tips, Your Guide, and Programming

My toner unit won't turn on.


The battery included with your toner has a plastic tab between the battery and battery terminals to prevent accidental discharge during shipment, and is installed in your toner. Please remove the plastic and reinsert the battery if it comes out. If this doesn't help then replace the battery. Your battery may have accidentally discharged during shipment. Your unit uses a regular 9V battery from your grocery store.


My toner won't raise above 10mAs.


To prevent the K-fit from being used without enough moisture for proper conductivity, your toner is designed to stop at 10mAs until the proper level of moisture is achieved. Remove your probe and add more water-based lubricant. Water can also be sprinkled over the lubricant to help it disperse more readily. It will not go above 10mA's if it does not sense skin as well. It will not activate through a rubber glove or condom, or while held in the air. The long connecting wire may not be fully inserted in the toning unit or probe, check these connection points. The probe connection must be fully pressed into the protective sleeve at the end of the long wire.  Press very firmly. Your long wire could be damaged, exchange the long wire you are using with the second long wire included in your kit. Your probe may also have reached its life expectancy and need to be replaced. The manufacturer suggests replacing your probe every 6-12 months, depending on use.


I can't feel anything.


You may have your toner set on the soft waveform. Press the button with wavy lines on it to set your toner to the strong waveform, the one with a square top and square bottom. If this doesn't help and your toner is able to be raised above 10mA's then it is possible that you have discovered an area of altered sensitivity. This is very common in women who have given birth. If you hold your probe in a wet hand and raise the mAs you will see the muscles of your hand contracting. This is happening inside you, though you may not be able to feel it. The K-fit is not designed to diagnose or treat medical issues, and it is not recommended for totally desensitized skin. Continue raising the mA's until the current reaches a challenging, but comfortable level.


My K-fit hurts. 


First, we need to determine where the pain is coming from. If the conductive plates are pressed to the cervix or the pad of nerves at the roof of the vaginal canal then you may feel a strong pinch as current is delivered there. Sweep the probe side to side to move the probe away from these areas. Some people with vulvodynia and vaginal atrophy after menopause may find that the muscle work K-fit stimulates is uncomfortable. Don't let this stop you! The benefit of using K-fit after menopause to strengthen the pelvic floor and return regular blood-flow to tissue is incredible. This sort of discomfort will not last long, with regular use you will begin seeing the benefit of healthy muscle work. You may also have discovered an area of altered sensation due to damage caused during childbirth. Using the K-fit on a lower setting for the first week of use will encourage normal nerve response. 

Why do I have two wires?

Your kit comes with an extra wire for attaching probes. If the first wire breaks due to repeated bending or other misfortune, you will have an extra to keep you up and running. Remember not to store your probe with the wire wrapped tightly around the kit and don't sit on your probe and force the wire to bend sharply.

I've misplaced my User Guide.

Please click the button below to download a .pdf version of your User Guide.​

Will insurance cover the cost of my kit?

Many users have had success submitting claims to their insurance company for repayment of the cost of their kits. Often the insurer requires a declaration of usage, which is available for download below. The HCPCS code is A4335 (Incontinence Supply; Miscellaneous). If your insurer requires more information, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

Can I use while sitting? What if I fall asleep?


No, do not sit on your probe during your workout. This can bend the wire at the base of the probe sharply and cause it to break over time.


It is safe if you fall asleep while using your K-fit, it will shut off automatically a few minutes after the program completes. It is important to remove the probe as soon as you wake up and clean and store appropriately.

How often do I need to use it?

K-fit can be used twice and day, every day. You should aim for at least 5 days a week for the first twelve weeks. K-fit is a workout tool, and just like going to the gym, you will need to continue to work out to maintain your muscle tone. Your goal is to get your muscles to a state of tone that you are able to connect with so that manual kegels and the maintenance of internal posture will come naturally.

How do I maintain my tone?

Try the Step/Clench method! It is important to become aware of your internal posture. Just like your regular posture; if you slouch your shoulders, your back will grow weak and your posture will slump. You must check in regularly to ensure your shoulders aren't dropping and your core is stable. This is the exact same thing you should be doing with your internal posture. If you allow your pelvic floor to slump like your shoulders, with no conscious support, then your progress will be slower and it will be much more difficult to maintain your tone in the future. You shouldn't just "let it all hang out" between workouts. You should draw the pelvic floor up and keep a light tension in the perineum. Picture a string from your vaginal opening to the crown of your head drawing up in a straight line. The best way to develop this habit is with the Step/Clench method. The way it works is that with every left step you will consciously draw the vaginal canal up with that imaginary string. This should be a small pulse of tension. It will naturally soften with the right step. But every left step, whether you’re walking across the room or around the block, you will give that little pulse. Over time it will become a habit to check in regularly when you're walking to keep your shoulders back, your core drawn in and your pelvic floor drawn up. 

What mA level should I be aiming for?

At 30mA's you will have good muscle building stimulation. Each program will feel different so expect to be comfortable at different levels with each one. Don’t try to go too high too soon, it may take time to build up to stronger work. You can increase the mA’s a little bit weekly to continue gaining tone. Some women are comfortable using their toner at 99 mA's. It is perfectly safe to do so, but you may notice some cramping or soreness after such a strong workout. Follow your body's signals and remember that muscle fibers are build during rest so don't overdo it!

How deep should I be inserting the probe?

The short answer is to insert as deep or as shallow as you are comfortable working at. Everyone's body is different so there is no one "right" depth to insert to. In general, the vaginal probe should be inserted to a depth that entirely covers the conductive plates and also keeps the base and wires outside the vaginal canal. This is the same when inserting rectally. The puborectalis muscle slings around the rectum between 1"-2" from the anal opening. Just above this muscle the rectum bends sharply. You may feel discomfort if the tip of the probe presses against this bend. It can also feel uncomfortable if the conductive rings are too close to the anal opening, as this area is filled with sense and pain receptors. Adjust accordingly.

My K-fit workouts don't feel like my regular kegels.


Your pelvic floor is very difficult to isolate manually. When we attempt to perform a kegel on our own, we often tighten the belly and the external perineum area as well as any other structures in the lower abdomen that we can consciously contract. The K-fit targets the pelvic floor alone, so it will feel different than a manual kegel. If you wish to target the perineum and external rectal area then you can always use the contractions produced by your probe as a guide to when you should attempt to contract and hold these muscles, but this isn't necessary for the deep muscles of the pelvic floor.


The program you choose will also determine how your workout feels. Each pre-set program is designed to target your muscles differently. Again, this is where journaling is so helpful. There is no one best "strongest" program that will work for everyone. You may need to try them all to find the ones that work best for you. Try the strong waveform when possible, and aim to reach around 30 mA's on most programs which is where you will begin getting real toning benefits. We encourage you to follow your comfort level and adjust the mA's as high or as low as your body allows. With time and consistency, you will be able to increase the mA's and continue making progress. Most people will require a conditioning period as they build up tolerance for the stimulation. Don't push too high too fast when your goal is long term benefit and fitness.

How to begin

1. Remove the plastic from the battery installed in the back of your device before

2. Connect the probe wires to the accessory wire by pressing the probe pegs into the water-proof sleeves at the end of the accessory wire very firmly. The waterproof sleeves are tight, please keep pressing to ensure the toner will be able to communicate with the probe. Plug the accessory wire into your toning unit. When using the treatment mode, insert in Channel A. When using the test mode, insert in Channel B. Wash the probe with soap and water before use.

3. You may choose to use your toning unit standing or reclining. Choose a position that will allow you to retain the probe without bending the wires too sharply as might occur in a fully seated position. Some users may not be able to retain their probe while standing at first, but over time as your tone increases this may become easier. Once you are in position, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to your probe. Do not use oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline or coconut oil as these will interfere with conductivity. Using a water- based personal lubricant is crucial to achieving optimum conductivity. Please use lubricant, even if you feel moist enough for insertion.

4. Insert your probe into your body before powering on your toning unit. The base or tail-end of the probe should be just outside the body, or easily grasped at the entrance to the vagina. During your exercise, your probe may be drawn up into the vagina. This is normal with strong muscle contractions. Wait until your program has ended and you have powered off the unit then gently pull the probe back out. Do not pull on the wires during your program as this may put undue tension on the wires and cause them to weaken. Conversely, your probe may slide out or be ejected during exercise depending on the tone of your vagina. Make sure to remain aware of this during your first few sessions to ensure the probe's electrode panels are not exposed at any time. Probe placement is based on your comfort. You can sweep the probe side to side during your program to alter the placement and therefore sensation of your probe. Be prepared to make adjustments until you find your own perfect fit.

5. If you have chosen to plug your electrode into channel B on the right side of your toning unit, the Test channel, then you should press the T button to view the specifications for your program. The Test program will run through all 8 programs during the 3 minute cycle. You will be able to adjust the intensity of each setting as needed using the +/- keys on the right side of your toning unit. This program is ideal for new users who want to experience all of the settings to find out which one they like the best. You may continue using the Test program until you are comfortable with the stimulation and ready for more work.

6. Alternatively, if you have chosen to plug your electrode into channel A on the left side of your toning unit, press the P button to cycle through the different preset programs. You may choose to start at P01 and use every program in succession: P01 the first morning, P02 the first evening, P03 the 2nd morning, and so on. This will help to condition your muscles as well as help you to determine which programs work best for you. Try keeping a journal of your experience so that you can track your progress as well as your feelings about each program. Record the program used, the waveform, the strength of mA's you were comfortable at, and any episodes of dysfunction you experienced before or after.

7.Once your program is selected, you may change the waveform of the pulse if you wish. This is done using the bottom button in the circle of four at the center of your device. There are two wavy lines on it. It is automatically set on the strong waveform, which is best for users with normal nerve sensation. Press the button to toggle between the soft and strong waveform. Try soft to start and move to stronger (the one with a square top and square bottom) if you are comfortable doing so. Average users will feel comfortable with the strong waveform. If you aren't comfortable, then use soft for the first few weeks before trying strong again. You may discover that your body is comfortable with this change after adjusting to regular stimulation in the area.

8. Press the (+) button on the side that you have plugged your probe into to begin your workout. If you find that you can't raise the mA's above 10 when pressing the (+) button, it may be because the probe is unable to sense enough moisture against the conductive plates or because it is not in contact with skin. Remove the probe and add more lubricant then reinsert and begin again. If this doesn't help, please ensure the long wire is fully seated in the toning unit and the probe wire is pressed firmly into the insulated connectors. You may also exchange the long wire with the second one included in your kit as there may be a break in the original. Most users will begin to feel their muscles contracting at about 25 mA's, but everyone is different. You can start higher or lower, wherever you are most comfortable. Your goal is to be at a minimum of 30 mA's. This is where your muscles will usually be doing enough work to begin seeing real benefit. If at any time you feel the pulses are too strong simply press the (-) button and the strength will decrease. Please note that these programs operate on a work/rest cycle and will drop to 0 during the rest phase of the program. You can set your toner as high as 99 if you are comfortable doing so. The stronger the pulse, the harder your muscles will work. The harder they work, the stronger the muscles will become. This is true with any workout, from your arms to your legs to your pelvic floor. 


9. Users who have had hysterectomies or have internal adhesions may find their first workout uncomfortable. Spinning or sweeping the probe away from your scar can help. You should also use plenty of lubricant to ensure good conductivity and to prevent the current from "jumping the gap" or traveling from moisture through air to moisture again, which can cause a prickling sensation.

10. Oil based lubricants, such as coconut oil, will interfere with conductivity and
may damage your probe. Only use water-based lubricants, such as KY Jelly. If at some point you find that your toner doesn't feel as strong as it used to be, your battery may need to be changed. Please replace with a fresh one.

11. Please note that all replacement and accessory probes are sold with a
universal connector and will require the use of the long accessory wires included in your kit.

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