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  • The KM-5018 style probe is very small and designed for comfortable rectal use.


    To connect to other devices, you must have a wire with a 2 mm pin pigtail connector on a lead wire from your machine. PROBE DOES NOT COME WITH CONNECTING WIRE. Our probe's conductive panels are made of surgical grade stainless steel and are considered nickel-free. Use a generous amount of water-based lubricant to ensure proper conductivity, and wash your probe after each use with a mild hand soap. You may also wipe the probe with a disinfectant wipe that is safe for application to the skin, such as rubbing alcohol. Be certain not to bend the wires during use, as this can cause internal breakage. Do not submerge the wire's ends in water.


    The KM-5018 can be safely used with IUD's, such as Mirena. K-fit Electrodes cannot be used; while pregnant, if you have been fitted with an implanted insulin pump, or if you have a pacemaker. Please use caution if you are attaching your K-fit Electrode to an EMS or TENS device that is not intended for pelvic floor work.

    K-fit Electrode Probe, KM-5018

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