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K-fit for Men

Final Stock - Small inventory of kits with gift boxes that have been deemed "imperfect." Small dents and other imperfections noted. Standard warranty applies to units and accessories, only the box has been damaged during shipping and stocking.  

Many people don’t realize that men have a pelvic floor that can be strengthened with Kegel exercises, just as women do. These muscles can be consciously controlled and trained much like your abs and biceps. 


As with any muscle, regular workouts will make the pelvic floor stronger. Isolating these muscles with conscious effort can be difficult, but with K-fit all the guesswork is removed. You’ll receive an intense, isolated workout in the privacy of your own home, even while performing other tasks, including your regular full-body regimen!


With consistent use the average user reports noticeable results in less than two weeks.

When used for sexual health the K-fit works to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and bring increased blood flow to the pelvic region. Recent studies have proven that pelvic floor exercises are effective in controlling much of the dysfunction that men experience when these muscles have grown lax. Healthy erections are promoted by healthy pelvic floors. You need a strong blood supply to fill your erection, and strong muscles to lift your erection and keep it standing tall. Just picture holding your arm out for an extended period of time. The stronger that bicep is, the longer and higher you can comfortably hold that position.


When used for bowel health the K-fit works to strengthen the puborectalis which acts as a sling around the lower bowel. When toned, this muscle draws the angle of the bowel upward. K-fit also strengthens the internal and external anal sphincter making the retention of your bowel and wind easier.


When used for bladder health the K-fit helps to return tone to the muscle that cradles the bladder and that allows the passage of urine through the urethra. Normally this muscle wraps quite firmly around the urethra, but over time it loses tone and allows the bladder to drop and urine to dribble through without conscious admission.


When used for prostate health the K-fit can strengthen the muscles that wrap this small organ. If Kegels have been recommended to you then K-fit is a great tool for accomplishing them. If you have had prostate surgery, make sure to get your doctor's clearance for normal activity before starting your new workout routine.


The K-fit can help you build a strong pelvic floor, aiding your achievement of more healthy erections with fewer leaks. It is safe for most users, but those fitted with a pacemaker or implanted insulin device should not use K-fit. If you are experiencing any symptoms of dysfunction, your first line of treatment should be to see your doctor. K-fit is a great tool to add to your toning regimen, but it is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical issues.


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